Ski Club
& Chalet

The Onaping Falls Nordics Ski Club offers an exceptional cross country skiing experience for both classic and skate-skiers. With over 15kms of pristine groomed trails, winding through mature pine forests, our members enjoy the peace and tranquility of the North, not far from the city.

Positioned almost 1300ft above sea-level and north-west of Sudbury Ontario, we usually have the longest running skiing season in the region. This unique advantage allows us to stay open an average of two weeks longer than other ski clubs in the area.

Find Us

Our Chalet is located 40 minutes north of the City of Greater Sudbury, in Windy Lake Provincial Park, just off of highway 144.

Chalet Hours

Chalet Only: Open Daily
9:00am – 4:30pm

Full Service: Weekends & Holidays
10:00am – 4:30pm

Please note: On weekends and holidays, day passes & equipment rentals are available at the ski chalet from 10:00am to 4:30pm. At all other times day passes are available at the Windy Lake Motel.

Trail Maps

Trails offer a wide variety of lengths and levels of difficulty from short, flat beginner loops to longer challenging loops for the experienced skier…and at our higher elevation we are known to often have snow when no one else in the area does!

Rates, Rentals,
& Memberships

Memberships available online at Zone 4 . Day passes available at the Windy Lake Motel. Day passes and rental equipment available at the chalet on weekends and select holidays. Follow us on Facebook for updates.

Ski Day Pass

Adult (19+) $15
Student (19-23) $10
Junior (13-18) $10
Youth (6-12) $5
Children (5 and under) Free
Family $30

Special Day Pass

Snowshoe $5/Person $10/Family
School Group $10/Student**

**includes Day Pass & Rentals

Ski Membership

Adult (19+) $95
Student (19-23) $40
Junior (13-18) $40
Youth (6-12) $15
Children (5 and under) Free
Family** $225
  • **Family Memberships are available for families of up to two adults and their dependent children all from the same household. Dependents must be 23 years of age or under as of December 30 and living in the same household. If you are buying a family membership, you must enter each family member individually.
  • Ski membership includes snowshoe membership.

Snowshoe Membership

Individual $25
Family $50
  • All our fees include HST but the $23.00 per person for membership with Nordiq Canada (NC), Cross Country Ontario (XCSO) and Northern Ontario District (NOD) will be added for each individual.

Jackrabbit Program

Jackrabbit program details are included as part of Zone 4 registration and Facebook.

1st Child $40
2nd Child
(same family)
3rd+ Child
(same family)
  • Children 5 & under pay program fees + $23.00 (insurance & admin fees)

Ski Rentals

Adult (19+) $15/Day
Student/ Junior (13-23) $10/Day
12 & under $5/Day

Snowshoe Rentals

Youth & Adult $5/Day
  • During the week rentals must be made 24 hours in advance through Facebook or

& Activities

The Bunnyrabbit Program is the first level of the Active Start stage of development (children 5 years of age and younger). The objective of the program is to introduce cross-country skiing and the healthy lifestyle associated with it through organized activity and active play. In addition, the program is designed to:

  • Help children develop a positive self-image.
  • Be fun.
  • Provide children with the opportunity to make ski-friends.
  • Develop fundamental movement skills.
  • Help children develop an awareness and appreciation of our natural environment.
Contact Us for Details

The Jackrabbit Program is designed for the “FUNdamentals” stage of development. The objective is for children to learn basic cross-country ski skills (both classic and skating) and to instill a lifelong interest in the sport, thereby enhancing their quality of life and health.

Goals of this program:

  • Encourage FUN and participation.
  • Develop ABC’s. Agility, Balance, Coordination and speed.
  • Frequent cross-country skiing during the season. 
  • Good technique habits developed through repeated practice using the Jackrabbit program awards.
  • Utilize games and ski playgrounds to develop technique, speed skills and fitness.
  • Well structured programs.
  • Develop linear, lateral and multi directional speed. 
  • Develop a team/social atmosphere.
  • Introduce competition in a team environment whenever possible.
  • Encourage inter-club social, skill and fitness orientated ski activities e.g. camps.
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We are a volunteer organization, operating primarily on revenue from memberships, day passes & equipment rentals but also from the support of sponsorships & donations. Please contact us to help support Onaping Falls Nordics Ski Club.